🍷 🍷 🍷 op 18 en 19 mei Open Cellar Doors in Griekenland. Voor de deelnemende wijnhuizen op Kreta, zie hieronder.

Ben je nu in Griekenland, ga, proef en geniet van al deze mooie ‘kinderen van de zon’.

Ben je op Kreta bezoek dan zeker de familie wijnhuizen Lyrarakis en Silva Daskalaki en groet de crew hartelijk van ons. Onderstaand zie je alle deelnemende wijnhuizen van Kreta

Hele fijne vakantie en geniet van alles wat het mooie en veelzijdige Griekenland je schenkt.

Met lente wijngroet van Merel

Winelovers and visitors all around Greece will have the opportunity to gain a unique tasting and travelling experience by participating in “Open Cellar Doors” which is organized collectively by Greek Wine Producers Associations and their wineries – members.

“Open Cellar Doors” is an initiative of the European network of wine cities, in which Greece participates. The aim of this initiative is to organize “events” focusing on the wine of every winery open to public. The events will motivate customers get acquainted with Greek wine and the winmakers.

On Saturday May 18th and Sunday May 19th 2024, from 11 in the morning to 7 in the afternoon, winelovers will be given the opportunity to tour around the Wine Roads of Greece and participate in multiple activities which include tours, tasting, competitions with great prizes and other surprises. It is worth mentioning that admission to wineries on 18-19 of May is free.

Plan now your own “getaway” and engrave your own wine route. No matter where you are in Greece, travel in the countryside and visit one or more wineries.

Initiate yourselves into the magical world of wine, enjoy the vineyard setting, get to know the winemaking procedure and taste exceptional Branded Greek Wines.

Wineries participating:

Prefecture of Heraklion

  1. Amargiotakis Winery
  2. Agelakis Winery  
  3. Alexakis winery  –Open only on Sunday 19th of May
  4. Anoskeli Winery
  5. Silva – Daskalaki Winery
  6. Digenakis Winery
  7. DAF Wines Douloufaki Fereniki
  8. Agrunion Winery
  9. Idaia Winery
  10. Louloudis Winery – Open only on Sunday 19th of May, 10:00 to 18:00
  11. Lyrarakis Winery

Events: On Sunday, May 19th, at 12:30 PM, join Eleni Betinaki and her puppets at Lyrarakis Winery as they share stories about the Olive Tree. Free registration at 6981050681.

  1. Menexes winery
  2. Metaxari wines – Open only on Sunday 19th of May
  3. Scalarea Estate – Boutari Winery – Open only on Sunday 19th of May
  4. Domaine Paterianakis 
  5. Strataridakis Winery
  6. Titakis Winery – Open only on Sunday 19th of May
  7. Fragospitο winery
    Saturday 18/5 | 11:00-18:00 Guided tour in the winery will start every 30minutes
    14:00 A special wine tasting of aged white wines will take place in the cellar of the winery, hosted by the wine maker Mr. Nikos Gavalas
    (reservations at visit@fragospitowinery.com)
    Sunday 19/5 | 11:00-18:00 Guided tour in the winery will start every 30minutes
    15:00 Wine tasting directly from selected barrels. An experience not to be missed!
    Everyone present at Fragospito Winery during OpenDoors weekend, can participate in a special competition!
  8. Haralabakis Winery

Prefecture of Chania

  1. Agia Triada  Vinolio
  2. Anoskeli Winery – Open only on Sunday 19th of May
  3. Manousakis Winerywill participate with 3 wines for free winetasting
  4. Dourakis Winery
  5. Karavitakis Winery

Prefecture of Rethymno

  1. Zouberakis winery
  2. Klados Winery
  3. Kourkoulou Winery – Open only on Sunday 19th of May